Best of Both Worlds




Puiyin W.L. was born into a Chinese Malaysian family and brought up in the English international field. Her parents, in particular her mother, did not want her to lose touch with her Chinese roots and so from an early age she would teach and tell her everything there was about the Chinese culture, including its traditions, beliefs, myths and ancient legends. Puiyin W.L. immediately became fascinated by everything her mother told her; so much so that it became a huge part of her ever-growing vivid imagination which still thrives to this day.  


Many years later in the summer of 2016, Puiyin W.L. brought PUIYIN W.L. PUBLISHING, a London-based, English publishing house, to life, where it mainly specialises in general fiction, fantasy and horror of English and Asian Chinese themes, including limitations in crime, children’s fiction and non-fiction of any genres to cover all ages. Every now and again, Puiyin W.L. will open her publishing house for others who share her same kind of creative mind to join the family.