The Warped Web (2017) - First Sequel

It was hard working in homicide when suffering from a debilitating phobia. On the brink of giving up on life Rex Saloman was given another chance and he embraced it with every ounce of mental strength he had left. He needed to make a huge decision and when an appropriate situation presented itself he changed his life around with the help of people very close to his heart. A simple case of finding a missing husband spiralled out of control, leading to a web of deceit and intrigue. The Black Widow temple held dark, satanic secrets and Rex was soon on its trail.

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite.



"The Warped Web is a private investigator murder mystery written by Vivian Head. Rex Salomon had been a natural at crime solving, and he easily progressed up the ranks of the Metropolitan Police. He was following in his father’s own footsteps and was successfully commanding a murder squad when his growing struggles with necrophobia made it impossible for him to function on the job. While he had long been successful in suppressing his reaction to death and the dead bodies that were an inevitable part of his day-to-day work, a last particularly gruesome cadaver proved to be his breaking point. Were it not for the lucky chance that his partner had found him poised on the roof of the headquarters and ready to jump, Rex would have ended it all, there and then. Working with the police psychiatrist gave him some tools to combat the worst attacks, but they were insufficient to address the underlying phobia. 

After several months, Rex left his job and family and went to Malta, hoping the change of venue, relaxation and warmth would help him heal. His return, some months later, was met with his wife’s refusal to let him in the door of his former home and a rueful realization of his dwindling personal resources. Then he overheard a conversation between two women, one of whom was crying, and the other, on impulse, reached out to him for a referral to a private investigator. Rex had a momentary flash of brilliance as he realized that this was what he could do with his life -- he’d set up an office and become a private eye.

Vivian Head’s private investigator murder mystery, The Warped Web, is a well-written and thought-provoking story about a strange cult-like society that seemed to have the power to render its victims passive and unable to resist the commands of the ominous-looking Babatune, who presided over the mysterious affairs at 52c Quarry Lane. I enjoyed seeing how Rex uses his innate abilities to grab the opportunity offered him and loved watching as he first finds himself an office and lodgings, and then proceeds to assemble a team to help him solve the case. The Warped Web is filled with intriguing twists, turns and inexplicable shadowy apparitions which serve quite well in heightening the suspense, tension and urgency of the tale, and I found this book quite difficult to put down until I had finished the last page. The Warped Web is most highly recommended."

"I would wholeheartedly recommend The Warped Web. Rex Salomon, the main character and private investigator, becomes involved in a highly complex and strange society. We follow Rex as he builds his business and fights to overcome his phobia, a phobia which forced him to the brink of suicide and the loss of a job he once loved.

With his marriage on the rocks and his resources dwindling, he witnesses a conversation between two women, one of whom reaches out to him for help. The story becomes increasingly tense as Rex is pulled into the world of the ominous Babatune who has the power to brainwash his victims. This book is a page-turner and full of surprises. Don't miss the opportunity to go for a great literary ride. You won't be disappointed. Vivian Head's years of accomplishments in the publishing world and her love of fiction writing shines through in her novel."

- Pamela (Review on Amazon)