Vivian Head has been in the world of publishing all her working life. She had to master an assortment of typesetting technology from hot metal right up to the advent of the AppleMac, which quickly became her favoured ‘tool’. Her love of the English language came from her English teacher who had a passion for the written word and encouraged Vivian to put her ideas down on paper. Through the last forty years she has been a commissioned writer, editor and designer and eventually found time in her busy schedule to write her own book. She has written on many genres and became best known for her true crime series and a series of useful handbooks on Keeping Chickens, Keeping Bees, Green Cleaning just to mention a few. On reflection she says it was a commission by a charity back in the 1980s that sparked off her love of fiction writing and now she has the bit between her teeth there will be more to come.

Books by Vivian Head

Fiendish Killers: Perpetrators Of The Worst Possible Evil

Terror Attacks 


War Crimes and Atrocities 

Criminal Masterminds 

Infamous Scandals

Green Cleaning 

The Beekeeping Handbook: A Practical Apiary Guide for the Yard, Garden, and Rooftop 

The Chicken Handbook: A Practical Guide to Keeping Hens and Other Fine-Feathered Friends 

Keeping Bees: Looking After an Apiary 

Keeping Bees: Looking after an Apiary 

Keeping Chickens and Other Poultry: Looking After Hens, Ducks, Geese and Turkeys 

Sex Lies & Scandals 

Keeping Chickens and Other Poultry 

Slimline Going Green 

Terror Attacks : From the Zealots to Bin Laden 

Keeping Chickens and Other Poultry: Looking after hens, ducks, geese and turkeys. 

Pull-The-Tab Times Tables Book 

Natural Cosmetics 

Keeping Bees - Looking After An Apiary 

Pull-the-Tab Times Table Book 

War Crimes and Atrocities 

Natural Green Cleaning Book: Traditional Methods for the Eco-Friendly Household 

Ancient Freedom Fighters: Revolutionaries Fighting for the Cause 

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