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The Wanderings of William Whiptail (2018) - First Sequel


Imagine discovering that you had a magic suitcase. What wishes would you choose? William Whiptail had to think very carefully before using up his magic wishes because he needed all the help he could get to help him on his way to Trickle Wallop.



Reviewed By Edith Wairimu for Readers’ Favorite

"Written by Vivian Head and illustrated by Biddy Lee, The Wanderings of William Whiptail follows the delightful and whimsical adventures of a mouse traveling to live with his cousin. William has lived in London for years now and longs for a break from the city’s hustle and bustle. Having to scuttle through the crowds and dodge a myriad of obstacles, London is becoming too much for him. He decides to embark on the long journey to the countryside. William realizes soon enough that his heavy luggage is only weighing him down. Leaving most of his things with a small homeless mouse, he moves on. The trip takes him to beautiful and wonderful sights, and dangerous routes with menacing predators amidst opportunities of magical wishes and a chance at love.

The work is told through captivating scenes and colorful illustrations which feature images that evoke imagination. The story is full of suspense as William leaves one place to go to the next and encounters different characters. While some are friendly, one character views him as a potential meal and many times he encounters dangerous situations. William’s access to three wishes adds to the suspense as anticipation grows in trying to find out how he will utilize them. In some ways, William is imperfect, sometimes prone to making up good tales. Different situations in the book also reveal his opinions of various characters. This makes him authentic and realistic. The Wanderings of William Whiptail is a captivating story whose twists make it even more entertaining."

"This was such a delightfully sweet little book with wonderful illustrations. Even my elderly mother enjoyed reading it ! It was exactly as seller described and in pristine condition."


- Debra (review on Amazon)

"I loved it and would recommend for children and adults."

- Emma (review on Amazon)

"A fantastic book beautifully illistraited. Enjoyed by my family, especially the great grandchildren who were inspired by the braveness of William. Hopefully there will be more stories about William Whiptail."


- Review on Amazon 

"So pleased to have bought this book, a lovely read for children and adults alike, with some of the most gorgeous illustrations I’ve seen. Would definitely recommend, if not for the lovely little mouse alone!" 

- Katie (review from Waterstones website and Amazon)